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Annabelle English

39 Yrs, United Kingdom

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*Roleplay Queen* *Dominatrix* *Professional Dancer* *Entertainer* *English MILF* *Fitness Girl*

Greetings from England!

They call me Annabelle. I'm here to dazzle you with my flirty, quirky, intellectual character.

As a multifaceted professional, my business background is diverse; from investment banking to sports journalism and fiction writing, exotic dancing and lingerie modelling to personal training and fitness mentoring.

A fit, confident female in her prime, I'm the naughty MILF you fantasize about. I’m extremely creative and love roleplays. I may be prone to being sassy one moment and charming the next; I'm NEVER predictable (that's the Gemini in me)...

My English speaking voice, I'm told, is "instant seduction." It is an extremely powerful tool, as I happen to be a master fantasy talker. A particular area of expertise is domination and humiliation. Do not assume I’m just a nice pretty lady with a sweet smile. Although I may be exactly that to many of you, there is also a sadistic mistress within me and this comes out when I detect subservient tendencies.

In private cam I am a shameless tease. In VIP, we can explore a whole lot more and the sky is the limit. Either way, I am an exclusive experience and you will have a sensational time with me.

Please understand I'm my own boss, and a working mother with very little spare time. I am not available on CamWithHer all of the time, therefore the time I do spend here is precious. I am happy for us to get to know each other a little in free chat, however if you have no intention of tipping a respectable amount for my time or arranging a show, I respectfully request you keep your time in my chat room short and sweet.

Social Media: If you'd like to see more of me day-to-day, including snaps of me working out and other things I do off cam, as well as sexy lingerie selfies, please subscribe to my Snapshat (link in profile).

If you would love to buy me a sexy gift, lingerie, shoes, stockings for example, I would love to receive and wear it for you! The best way to do this is to send an Amazon gift card which you can purchase online through Amazon and send via CamWithHer. All you need to do is email the gift card to and put "Annabelle English" in the email subject.

See you soon xxx


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    United Kingdom

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  • Weight:

    121 - 130 lbs

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    Wed, 20 Nov 2019

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Customer comments (3)

Rebel 7 September in 20:43

Absolutely stunning in every single way possible!

Duke101 25 May in 16:53

Truly an amazing girl! She's so hot and funny. Her intelligence is such a turn-on!
Honestly my favorite!

bap 19 April in 10:56

A beautiful woman inside and out.

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